The Ford E commercial truck is available as a cutaway or a stripped chassis. It can weigh up to 14, pounds, depending on the engine. The rear-wheel drive chassis "fits a wide range of aftermarket bodies -- including general delivery vans, electric and gas utility van bodies, center-mounted personnel lifts, and low-height paper-delivery bodies," according to the Ford website. The E is the heaviest in Ford's stripped chassis E-series. The lighter weight commercial truck is the E The Ford E offers three engine options.

FORD v10 6.8 e350 e450 f350 OIL CHANGE

The 5. The 6. The truck is available with either a gallon or a gallon fuel tank. Ford recommends regular unleaded gas for the 6. The stripped chassis has occupation for only one person and comes with a temporary driver's seat. The cutaway can seat up to two people and has 40 inches of front legroom, 42 inches of front headroom, The E includes these standard features: mode select transmission, front-wheel independent suspension, power steering, dual rear wheels, variably intermittent wipers, tachometer, voltmeter, a titled steering wheel and anti-lock brakes.

Block heaters are optional on the Ford E Other optional features include limited slip differential and traction control. Additional options are available in the cutaway, including remote keyless entry, speed control and auto-dimming rear view mirror.

The Ford E comes with a basic warranty of 36 months of 36, miles. The powertrain warranty is 60 months or 60, miles. Corrosion perforation warranty covers the truck for 60 months, but it doesn't have a distance limitation. Roadside assistance is available for 60 months or 60, miles.

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Transmission The Ford E is manufactured with a five-speed automatic transmission. Interior The stripped chassis has occupation for only one person and comes with a temporary driver's seat. Standard Features The E includes these standard features: mode select transmission, front-wheel independent suspension, power steering, dual rear wheels, variably intermittent wipers, tachometer, voltmeter, a titled steering wheel and anti-lock brakes.

Optional Features Block heaters are optional on the Ford E Warranty The Ford E comes with a basic warranty of 36 months of 36, miles. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Photo Credits antique steering image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.Some of the known problems in a Ford Triton V10 engine include instances where spark plugs get stuck and break in the engine.

A spark plug is a part of the vehicle ignition, and when it pops up, it becomes difficult to start the car. Additionally, the engine is associated with increased consumption of fuel on acceleration. The Ford Triton V10 engine is a cylinder engine with five cylinders in each bank. The engine is made of an iron block, whereas the spark plugs are made of aluminum and steel threads.

Therefore, due to differences in the expansion rate of the metals when heated, the spark plugs tend to pop out because aluminum expands more than steel. This is a perennial problem in Ford engines as earlier models, including the V8 and the V6 models, have had the same problem.

ford e450 v10

It also reduces the reliability of the vehicle using the V10 engine. In cases where spark plugs blow out, new ones need to be installed.

ford e450 v10

The Ford Triton V10 engine is associated with high fuel consumption in comparison with other engines. As such, vehicles using the engine have a higher maintenance cost.

The engine has a discreet exhaust noise that may be disturbing to some people. Home World View. What Causes a Car to Run Rough?

UPFORD - Ford V10 Ultra RV Tune

What Is the Purpose of a Crankshaft Sensor? What Is an Ignition Control Module?It trips on a body-on-framework platform there are two size types.

A Vacationer model can cater to up to 15 passengers and usually, the E-Series is ruling the market for more than a two generations. One of the most series of flexible business vehicles is frequently used as an ambulance car. Provided by two powertrain options, Cutaway possesses an inexpensive price, fantastic functionality, and flexibility. The Ford E-Series comes with an imposing and incredibly intense exterior.

This total-dimension van pulls interest equally on the street and the car park. Just like every other business vehicle in the U. It is one of the most eye-catching and thrilling styles within this sector, nevertheless, E-Series is attracting some design cues from the Super Duty models.

Which means the front-end comes along with a big and strong grille with much stainless therapy. The fender also provides stainless function, and better cut amounts are provided by a total-stainless therapy close to the headlamps, bumpers, and grille. The interior is much more focused in the direction of moving folks and fewer high quality.

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Comfort and ease are excellent, but absolutely no way near finest-in-sector. In the end, the Ford E-Series is a complete-dimensions van that is used as a medic van as well as a university bus. As we point out, the Vacationer model can have 15 passengers and space is nevertheless adequate. That creates this van extremely sensible and adaptable. Security is one more group that becomes a marked improvement. Total framework building is a strong begin, nonetheless, Ford gives a lot of basic safety facilities.

Which includes a lot more safety bags, grip manages, wheel strain checking and four-tire anti-locking mechanism braking system. Typically, the interior is a good spot to be, the dash design is gorgeous, and that we can tell the very same about the tool bunch.

At the top of that, styles and designs are searching fashionable, just like a set of analog gauges. The regular engine within the Ford E-Series is a 6. This powertrain can burst to open up to hp and lb-feet of torque. It is the finest-in-class torque amounts and V10 engine comes along with the TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission.

The V10 engine will help the E-Series models to arrive at some remarkable pull statistics. For example, the E model can pull 13, weight although the E is graded at 22, weight. The Ford E-Series will show up with the small price improve. The E models will cost a little more and definitely will supply a little more energy and much more regular devices.

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The E-Series Cutaway will success the marketplaces in the midsection of Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Tags: ford e ford e specs ford e series ford e series order guide ford e series van ford e ford e ford e-series cutaway ford escape ford escape e brochure ford expedition e brochure ford explorer ford explorer e brochure.

Ad Blocker Detected Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.Hard to believe I know. With a custom tune from 5 Star we will use all gears in our shifting and torque converter lock strategies. You will also see quicker shifts, as the RV will proceed into OD quicker than stock strategy. This will provide better power and economy our of your 3v V Shift Pressures and Timing Shift pressures can be increased and timers can be decreased to help keep trans temperatures down and give the truck or any vehicle a better overall feel.

In a V10 shifts are quick and firm most of the delay between shifts are eliminated when using custom tunes. Shift Schedules Shift Schedules — can be modified to an economy or towing calibration. An economy calibration up-shifts will be sooner. Towing calibration shifting will occur higher in the RPM ranges to keep vehicle from lugging and take advantage of the engines peak torque.

Got a V10 RV? Areas We Address. Fuel Tables. Fuel Control — Fuel tables are modified for either better economy or all out performance. Depending on your needs is how most tables are set up. By correcting this power enrichment function alone can increase power and toque from your 2V V Drive By Wire. Drive By Wire — improvements will be much better throttle response, step on go pedal, vehicle will respond quicker…this DBW system is a torque driven system, it works by taking a certain amount of torque via engine and wheel and applies it to what the driver foot say it needs; a better way to explain it is its a torque limiter.

It only allows so much torque at a given pedal position. For a 3v V10 this is one of the most critical areas that must be addressed and modified to generate more torque and throttle response. By reworking the OEM strategies makes your V10 seems as if 2 more cylinders were added over night!

Running a higher Octane fuel will net more power and economy.

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However, with a V10 2v or 3v even running 87 Octane fuel can yield some respectable gains in power and torque over stock. Torque Converter Control. Shift Pressures and Timing. Shift pressures can be increased and timers can be decreased to help keep trans temperatures down and give the truck or any vehicle a better overall feel.

Shift Schedules.Fords V10 6. The Triton V10 was introduced in and is still being used today. This engine represents large evolution of design. One way is to think of the V10 is a 4. Motorbike manufacturers of the late s took a four cylinder Honda cc engine and added two cylinders to it, in fact it was half of another Honda to make the cc straight 6 engine.

One of the main faults with the early V10 engines — was that the spark plugs could blow out of the cylinder head.

Ford V10 Triton Engine Problems

Ford use a cast iron engine block with an overhead cam aluminium cylinder head design, that uses centrally mounted spark plugs and waste spark ignition. The aluminium cylinder heads on the two valve per cylinder engines built in the companies Windsor Ontario plant, have a fatal floor in the spark plug threads. The cylinder head being of soft aluminium does not have much inherent strength in the first place, and also expands at a different rate to the steel spark plug threaded into it.

Ford put the V10 spark plug at the bottom of a 5 inch deep well and only allowed for about four threads worth of spark plug engagement in the cylinder head. After repeated heat cycling the spark plug welds itself to the threads weakening the material. The end result of this design flow is that the rear most sparks shoot out of the cylinder head while driving or get stuck while trying to remove them, and when hard steel sticks to soft aluminium, the aluminium will initially give way first.

This makes the cylinder heads spark plugs strip clean out, leaving a small hole and no way to re-install a new spark plug. Also this failure can occur when removing the spark plugs for renewal. Ford V10 Triton Engine Problems. Spark plug fitted into cylinder head. Damaged cylinder head threads. Explore LAS Motorhomes. E-commerce Terms Privacy Policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. OK Privacy policy.The V10 engine was originally used in primarily Ford trucks as an alternative to diesel. Ford V10 engines were most popular for use in commercial trucks that included motor homes, shuttles and panel vans. Between and the 6. During — Ford released several V10 variants. The Ford Concept had a 7-liter v engine that was rated at horsepower.

The Shelby and Shelby GR-1 both were equipped with the 6. The F was rated at horsepower and a solid pound feet of torque. In a new 3 valve variant was made available for the V10 that raised the horsepower to and the torque to lb-ft in pickups. Two valve versions of the V10 were produced after but were used only in medium-duty van applications.

The V10 is still used today but mostly in medium-duty chassis cabs. A popular vehicle that used the V10 was the Ford Excursion. Where it was offered as an alternative to the 7.

It was a step up from the standard 5. The V10 originally added around 55 horsepower and 75 pound-feet of torque to the Excursion. The Ford V10 is an iron-block, overhead-cam aluminum head with mounted spark plugs. Most of the accessory components are shared with the 5.

But many of the — models have a major design flaw in the spark plug threads.

ford e450 v10

The aluminum design expands at a different rate than the steel spark plugs. The spark plugins are also in a 5 inch deep well which only allows 4 threads worth of spark plugin engagement. Another problem with the spark plugs is the will weld to the threads after repeated heat cycling. The design flaw causes the hard steel of the spark plugs to stick to the soft aluminum and the spark plug threads strip clean out with no way to re-install the spark plug.

Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. CCH is a reputable, experienced over 25 years dealer. We specialize in providing quality and warranty-backed rebuilt cylinder heads for a variety of vehicles. The knowledgeable staff at CCH would also be happy to help you choose the cylinder head that is right for your Ford.

What Problems Does the Ford Triton V10 Engine Have?

Contact Clearwater Cylinder Head Inc. Ford V10 Between and Between and the 6.By duce05September 9, in Engines.

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I Installed a Vacum Gauge to help driving habits, Have driven seperate trips both in overdrive and also out of overdrive. Either way can only get 6. Would like to increase by at least 2 - 4 mpg if at all possible.

Have been reviewing the Banks Power Pack System. That might get me to 6. Any Help or Suggestions would be appreciated. As Bill say's. I also tow a pound Fiat C behind it. My model year used a 3 valve per cylinder design, not sure if your model year used that or the older 2 valve per cylinder design.

ford e450 v10

I recall these days and with our old class c we got rid of last year. Depending on the year of the chassis there are some things you can do to help like evolvingpowercat recommended.

I installed the Banks power pack onto our old coach, low rolling resistant tires and removed the belt driven fan and replaced it with a dual electric fan kit, it ran much better and if I gained any MPG it was less than.

We had the 6. I have been told the 3 valve version was better on fuel plus it has the 5 speed automatic. I found wind resistance and fuel quality were the two biggest factors with MPG. The Triton line up from Ford loves high RPM's to build the power it takes to push that large of a vehicle through the wind and that will hurt your MPG.

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Just an FYI I have a friend with a Ford Excursion SUV with a V10 he only gets 9 mpg no trailer, so either way you might be able to squeak a little more out of it but probably not too much. I would love to see statistics for Air Tabs, I hear mixed reports on them. They advertise that truckers use them, well I have never seen them yet! I'm on the road for about 14, miles a year, all over the US. My take on Air Tabs Duh, wonder why? As mentioned the addition of gadgets that claim increases in mpg usually don't deliver.

I have tried various modifications with extremely limited increases on about 9 different coaches since mid 70's. I changed to a diesel pusher 16 years ago and increased my mpg to around 9. Still not happy I did some research. Since my engine was a mechanical 5. The increase in power was large however the mpg was not as good as before. Other problems were that the transmission and rear end ratios were not correct and the engine overheated.

I then decided to change engines to a ISB electronic and a 6 speed Allison transmission and the matching radiator and cac. I very much appreciate the feed back so far. I do have 3 valves per cylinder. I don't take off fast I watch the vacuum gage and try to keep it in the green as best I can. I changed to pressing the OD button as soon as I start the engine which keep every gear in a lower range, keeping engine RPMs higher and vacuum gage in green thru all gears.

I'll try all the suggestions received so far. I'll look into the tuner devices.

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